Hi. I’m Marc!

‘ve always had a passion for knives, a fascination that dates back to my childhood when I used to borrow my father’s knives to sharpen anything I found and explore the world around me. While I was born in Spain, my journey led me to Switzerland when I became officially an adult, where my collection truly began to flourish. The catalyst? Discovering the vast array of models and the thriving community of enthusiasts in forums and groups.

In the early days, my quest involved scouring stores and markets recommended by fellow enthusiasts. The collection started modestly, but as my knowledge deepened, so did my admiration for the elegant designs and quality craftsmanship that sets Swiss Army knives apart. With hundreds of models and countless possibilities in scales, I found myself immersed in a captivating world.

Word spread, and fellow collectors began reaching out to me for specific pieces. This sparked a mission to visit every store that stocked Swiss Army knives, wherever my travels took me. The journey not only expanded my collection but also connected me with a broader community.

As the years passed, I felt compelled to provide a comprehensive view of my accumulated treasures. Hence, this page was born. I invite you to explore and enjoy this curated showcase of my double Swiss Army knives, a testament to my enduring passion for these timeless tools.